The Story of Hutton Forest Products

James Hutton, our founder and CEO is a born entrepreneur with over 20 years of proven industry experience and expertise.

“I have grown my business by focusing on the fundamentals of relationship building. I maintain strong relationships with my customers and suppliers by staying true to my values of integrity, trust and honesty. I have been able to maintain a balance between preserving the traditional business practices renowned in the forestry industry —sealing the deal with a handshake— while introducing innovation into my service model, such as just-in-time flexible supply solutions.”

We as a team work with our customers to learn your buying patterns and your business, to anticipate your needs.  We associate with high quality products, and have become industry leaders in offering environmentally friendly products.

Our company model is flexible as we hire and grow to meet demand. However, certain qualities will remain consistent as they provide us with a distinct competitive advantage.

We look forward to being your premier supplier of wood products.