Reasons to Partner with
Hutton Forest Products Inc.

At HFPI, we know you have many options when it comes to choosing a supplier for your premium wood products. Our customers choose us because we offer a vertically integrated approach to their supply needs – unique in the forest product industry – by providing unmatched value and flexibility for our distributor and OEM clients.

  • One Stop Shop

    We offer our customers flexibility to mix and match material from our various mill partners on one truck. Unique to HFPI, we don’t require a large order commitment, allowing you to only purchase the material you need and gain greater control of your inventory. In addition, we also provide multiple custom manufacturing and decorative solutions.

  • Inventory Management

    Buying products in bulk can be cost effective, however, warehousing inventory not immediately needed can counteract these savings. Through our large volume of stock across our multiple warehouses, you can purchase and quickly receive a large selection of inventory as you need it. Everything from your fastest moving materials to your lowest stocked items, we act as an extension to your warehouse.

  • In-House Logistics and 2-3 Day Shipping

    With our extensive network of rail and truck shipping options, and our strategically placed warehouses, our in-house logistics team ships you the products you need anywhere in North America in a matter of days – not weeks. This allows our customers the perfect framework to utilize a just-in-time inventory model.

  • Great Selection, Availability and Pricing

    We purchase large volumes of products from a variety of mill partners located throughout North America and Europe. Our volumes and consistency allow us to maintain strong inventory levels, offer a great selection of products and provide competitive pricing.

  • Highly Knowledgeable Team

    At HFPI, our business is founded on the principal of having and maintaining strong relationships. For us, that means being fair, equitable and helpful, while also providing value and superior service to our customers at every stage of every transaction. Our knowledgeable and proactive team have the expertise, experience, and positive attitude to ensure every interaction with HFPI helps move your business forward.

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