HFPI Vision, Mission & Values

Our Vision

Our vision is to show that environmental sustainability is not just a goal, but a way of life.

Our Mission

To partner with our customers and suppliers to provide innovative solutions to their unique pain points. We approach every interaction strategically and with sustainability in mind.

For Our Customers

Our mission is to partner with our customers and to provide them with a great selection of premium forest products, comprehensive value-added services, and fast, reliable distribution, at a competitive price.

For Our Vendors

Our mission is to be a fair and trusted business partner that works with our supplier network to get their products to market and help them grow their businesses.

For Our Community

Our mission is to support and uplift the people and charities in the communities where we live and work both with our time and resource.

For Our Environment

Our mission is to source and supply forest products in an environmentally sustainable way.

Our Values


The foundation of our company is our integrity. Throughout our history, we have earned the trust and confidence of our customers and suppliers by honouring our commitments, being a partner to our customers and suppliers, being honest and direct, and leading by example.


We believe we have a responsibility to be a good corporate citizen, and for us, that means contributing to the betterment and vitality of the communities where we live and work, and doing our part to protect the environment. Read more about our corporate social responsibility initiatives.


We believe in helping our customers and suppliers grow their businesses. We help our customers grow through our comprehensive, high-quality product and service offerings, our industry-leading flexibility, and our specially created training programs that help customers explore new market opportunities and grow in their existing markets. We help our suppliers grow by being consistent in our business, and by promoting their new and established products to our customer base through our sales and marketing efforts. We help all of our partners by constantly monitoring industry trends and sharing useful and relevant information in our daily interactions.


We believe that as an employer, we have a responsibility to take care of our employees. To help our employees continuously learn and grow, we have implemented a learning and development program designed to help our employees grow their skill sets and advance in their careers. We also have a rewards program that recognizes our employees’ hard work and contributions to helping our company meet and exceed its goals.


We know that our continuous improvement is what helps us stay competitive, develop new opportunities, and deliver more for our customers and partners. That’s why we constantly review our processes, industry trends, and new products and services, to find ways to improve our offerings and deliver more value.